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Unlike the Internet itself, schools and the District can control the type of information placed on Web pages.  Documents created for the Web and linked to District Web pages shall meet the criteria for use as public information or an instructional resource.  The following considerations should be considered when determining the information to include on a school or District Web page: Copyright/trademark issues; applicability to the curriculum or communication goals of the school or District; privacy issues; and related School Committee policies.  Links to other Web pages should be carefully selected based on the above issues.


Defined Purpose


A Web page must be consistent with School Committee policy IJNDC and have a clearly defined purpose that is published on the Web page.  Included in the purpose, the target audience must be specified and defined; however, all Web site users are reminded that their audience includes the worldwide community.


Content Standards


All subject matter on Web pages should relate to curriculum, instruction, school-authorized activities, general information supporting student safety, growth, and learning, or public information of interest to others.  Therefore, neither staff nor students may publish on the District server personal pages or pages for individuals or organizations not directly affiliated with the District.  Staff or student work may be published only as it relates to a class project, course, or other school-related activity.  Parent groups, partnerships, and municipal or educational cooperatives are considered affiliates of the District.  No confidential information is to be published on or linked to a Web page.


Quality Standards


All Web page work must be free of spelling and grammatical errors.  Documents may not contain objectionable material or link directly to objectionable materials.  Objectionable material is addressed in more detail in the School Committee policy for instructional material selection and reconsideration.  Authors and publishers are reminded that a Web site is a virtual doorway to your school.  A site and a school will be judged on its ease for the user, the design, and the content.  It is strongly recommended that a school form a building committee of interested individuals including staff, administrators, parents, students, and community members for the development of the Web site.  Thoughtful consideration should go into decisions regarding purpose, usefulness, and appearance of each item on the Web site.  As much as possible, publishers are encouraged to include student pictures and work, provided that an appropriate release is on file.  As the District represents itself to the world through this medium, assurances should be provided that students are the focus of the Georgetown Public School District.  Written student and parent consent must be secured for publication of student work.



Consistence Standards


Each existing school or department Web site shall have a link to the District Web site once the District Web site is online.  For consistency, all school District Web sites must contain certain elements:


·        At the bottom of each page there must be a link to the home page (to be defined by the school or District home page once online).

·        At the bottom of the Web page, there must be an indication of the date of the last update to that page and the name or initials of the person(s) responsible for page update.  It shall be that person’s responsibility to keep the Web page current.  Repeated failure to do so may result in revocation of approval.  It is strongly recommended that a building set up a system of checks and balances for the Web site (for example: all incoming e-mail is blind copied to the Principal or department head).

·        All Web sites must display the name and approved logo of the Georgetown Public School District.

·        All Web pages must be given names that clearly identify them.

·        Links to student e-mail accounts are not allowed.

·        Student directory data is prohibited from publication, except for the first name and grade level of a student in relation to a photo or work.

·        Web pages may not contain links to other Web pages not yet completed.  If additional pages are anticipated, but not yet developed, the text that will provide such a link should be included.  However, the actual link to said page(s) may not be made until the final page is actually in place.

·        All Web sites must include: the author or publisher’s name; the publisher or school’s e-mail address; appropriate copyright citations.

·        Authors must exhibit care when creating Web pages with extensive background, large graphics, applets, animation, and audio or video clips.  Such files require extensive download time.




Reference:  Policy IJNDC


Adopted on:     April 24, 2008

Revised on:      January 14, 2010