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It is the philosophy of the District to provide programs for all of its students.  Where additional programs and/or environments could facilitate meeting the needs of students and the philosophy and objectives of the District, alternative programs may be established.




Alternative programs are defined as provisions within the public education system which offer major choices among diverse educational environments based on student needs, talents and interests; occupy a significant proportion of an individual student's time; and meet the District's philosophy and objectives.




Any project shall have been discussed with the Administration and must receive its endorsement prior to development.


Alternative programs shall observe all policies and regulations that govern all of the schools and programs of the District unless specifically waived by the committee.


Proposals for alternative programs must include a design for evaluating the effectiveness in achieving the purposes of the program and determining the extent to which it is successful in achieving the philosophy and objectives of the District.  Alternative programs will be reviewed and evaluated annually with a recommendation to the Committee as to continuation of the programs.




Prior to implementation, the Committee shall approve alternative programs.




Adopted on:     April 24, 2008