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A program of continuous observation and evaluation will be develop­ed to find the right employees to fill vacancies, determine assign­ments and equitable work loads, and establish wage and salary policies that encourage employees to put forth their best efforts.  The evaluation of employee achievements and the provision of a good atmosphere are some of the major duties of the Committee.


The evaluation will cover the major areas of the employee's responsibilities and will include the following:


1.         Specific work assignment


2.         Attitude toward students


3.         Attitude toward public education


4.         Attitude toward supervisors, teachers, and fellow employees


5.         Work habits


Each employee will be informed of the basis upon which he/she is to be evaluated in advance of evaluation.



SOURCE: Georgetown


CONTRACT REF.: "Agreement between Georgetown Education Support Association and the Georgetown Education Association”

                                    NOTE that says “Custodian” 

Adopted On:    January 10, 2008