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Benefits in addition to basic salary are recognized by the School Committee as an integral part of the total compensation plan for staff members.  The benefits extended regular full-time support staff members will be designed to promote their economic security and will include a comprehensive health insurance program.


Certain fringe benefits are established through negotiations with employee bargaining units.  Because the Committee wishes to be fair with all its employees, benefits granted to employees who are not members of a bargaining unit will be generally equal to those grant­ed employees in similar positions that are covered by a negotiated agreement.



SOURCE: Georgetown


LEGAL REFS.:            M.G.L. 71:37B; 71:48B


CROSS REFS.:           EB, Safety Program

                                    GBGB, Staff Personal Security and Safety

                                    GDB, Support Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans


CONTRACT REF.: "Agreement between Georgetown Education Support Association and the Georgetown Education Association”


Adopted On:    January 10, 2008