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Part-Time Teachers

 Teachers may be employed on a part-time basis.  The salary of part-time teachers will bear the same ratio to the first step of the salary schedule that the teacher would earn if employed full-time as the hours worked bear to the hours the teacher would work if employed full-time (for example, a teacher employed for half the number of hours would receive half the salary of a full-time teacher).


Substitute Teachers

 The district-wide Substitute Teacher Coordinator will receive all requests for substitute teachers and fill those requests to the best extent possible.  The Coordinator will maintain an active list of substitutes for each school.  Recruitment and hiring of substitutes will be conducted by the Superintendent’s office. Each building Principal is responsible to oversee and ensure performance of substitutes.


The school system will employ as substitute teachers, to the extent possible, persons who meet the requirements for teacher appointments and will assign teachers substitute-teaching positions on the basis of their areas of competence.  Minimally substitutes will have college experience.  When the supply of potential substitutes in a particular subject area is too limited to meet school department needs, there will be active recruitment for substitutes in those areas.  All substitute teachers will be expected to provide educational services, rather than to assume merely a student-supervisory role. They will be provided with as much support as possible by building administrators and teachers.


The School Committee will set the daily rate of pay for substitute teachers, including extended-term substitutes.  The latter will be granted such additional benefits as approved by the School Committee.



SOURCE: Georgetown


Adopted On:    January 10, 2008