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Through its employment policies, the District will strive to attract, secure, and hold the highest qualified personnel for all pro­fessional positions.  The selection process will be based upon awareness to candidates who will devote themselves to the education and welfare of the children attending the schools.


It is the responsibility of the Superintendent, and of persons to whom he or she delegates this responsibility, to determine the personnel needs of the school system and to locate suitable candidates.  No position may be created without the approval of the School Committee.  The District's goal is to employ and retain personnel who are motivated, will strive always to do their best, and are committed to providing the best educational environment for the children


It will be the duty of the Superintendent to see that persons con­sidered for employment in the schools meet all certification requirements and the requirements of the Committee for the type of position for which the nomination is made.


The following guidelines will be used in the selection of personnel:


1.         There will be no discrimination in the hiring process due to age, sex, gender identity, creed, race, color, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or place of residence.


2.         The quality of instruction is enhanced by a staff with a wide variation in background, educational preparation, and previous experience.


3.         The Superintendent is directed to establish a representative screening committee to advise on the filling of vacancies for all District-wide administrative positions and for the position of building Principal. The Superintendent shall have discretion in requiring screening committees for other positions within the district.  For those positions where the hiring authority rests with th School Committee a representative screening committee may be established by the School Committee or the School Committee may direct the Superintendent to establish a screening committee to assist the Superinendent in making his/her recommendations to the School Committee.


SOURCE: Georgetown


LEGAL REFS.:            M.G.L. 69:6; 71:38; 71:38G; 71:39; 71:45; 71:55B

 Massachusetts Board of Education Requirements for Certification of Teachers, Principals, Supervisors, Directors, Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents in the Public Schools of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, revised 1994

BESE 603 CMR 7:00, 26:00 and 44:00


Adopted On:    January 10, 2008
Revised On:     September 13, 2012