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The School Committee recognizes that the naming of any part of a school building or facility within the schools is an honor that should be reserved for meritorious service to the public schools of the town.

 School buildings, or facilities within the schools, shall be named only for persons who have actively contributed to the public schools either as members of the school staff or as members of a school-oriented committee such as the School Council, the School Building Committee, or the School Committee over a period of more than 20 years.  

The building or facility shall be one appropriate to the person to be so honored. However, no high school building is to be named for an individual, but is to be known simply as Georgetown High School with (in the event that there be more than one such building) some other differentiation, preferably geographical.

Every effort shall be made to name buildings or facilities during the life of the person so honored. This does not, however, rule our posthumous dedications.

The naming of a building or facility shall require a vote of the School Committee at a meeting with the full Committee in attendance.  

Recommendations for this honor may be made in writing by any member of the School Committee or community.


SOSOURCE:                    MASC

 AdopAdopted on:     October 11, 2007

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