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The School Committee and Superintendent will encourage the administration to seek and secure all possible sources of state, federal, and other special funds that will enhance the educational opportunities for the children in our schools.


The Superintendent will keep informed of all possible funds available to the school system under the various state and federal programs, and in what manner these funds can best be used in the school system.


The Superintendent will be responsible for seeking out and coordinating the development of proposals for all specially funded projects and for submitting the proposals to the Committee for approval.


The Superintendent is authorized to sign all reports for these projects and will be responsible for the proper expenditure of funds received for such projects.



LEGAL REFS.:            M.G.L. 44:53A

                                    P.L. 874 Impact Aid

                                    Board of Education 603 CMR 32:00;34:00


SOURCE: Georgetown


Adopted on:     October 11, 2007