This area of our website is set aside for our club's Officers to make members aware of any safety concerns that may arise.  If you have any issues or concerns that should be highlighted in this section please bring them to the attention of the Safety Officer Chris or any other member of the Committee.

Safety Bulletin No. 1 - 07th January 2010

It has been decided to implement some new starting procedures for all Internal Combustion (IC i.e. glow fuel, petrol or turbine) powered helicopters.
  • If you have a cordless starter then you can fuel up, walk to your pad and start the engine once there ensuring throttle hold is switched on.
  • Ask someone to securely hold the rotor head whilst you start the engine in the pits, ensuring throttle hold is applied once the engine is running and while walking out to the flight area.
Either of these approaches should help prevent 'hot starts' which put owner and those present at risk.

Your attention is also drawn to the Flying Rule No. 10, which states:  "All Helicopters must be restrained whilst being started. When started they must be physically restrained at all times until over the safety line, and upon returning to the pits must not be flown over this line. Throttle Hold must be used at all times until in the take off area."