1. The Southern Counties Model Helicopter Club (SCMHC) has been affiliated to the British Model FlyingAssociation (BMFA) since 1st Jan 1997. It is a condition of membership that all Members of this club are members of the British Model Flying Association.
  2. The Committee of the Southern Counties Model Helicopter Club shall consist of a Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer and Safety officer.
  3. Applicants will be accepted from outside our area up to a limit of Twenty-Five members. The Committee will give priority to applicants who do not hold membership of another helicopter club. Any member who leaves the area shall be entitled to retain and renew his/her membership.
  4. All applicants for membership will be given the opportunity to prove their competence to fly or to arrange tuition. The Committee reserves the right to refuse membership without explanation.
  5. Vehicles are not permitted on the field at any time.
  6. Members are expected to observe the rules of the countryside and avoid any damage to adjoining land. No debris shall be left on the flying site, adjoining land or car park.
  7. Members have access to the flying field only on the permitted days of flying and not at any other time.
  8. Members elected to the Committee will not hold office on any committee of any other model helicopter flying club.
  9. The club will not be used for commercial gain or commercial activities.