1. All members are strictly forbidden from flying on any other land that is managed or owned by the Military or other land owners.
  2. Only members of the Southern Counties Model Helicopter Club are permitted to fly at the site, subject to certain conditions (see flying rules No. 16).
  3. No member shall fly from the site unless they are a fully paid up member of the club.
  4. Junior and Vulnerable Adult members shall only visit the site if accompanied by a Parent, Guardian or Responsible adult who has the written permission to bring them to the field and to supervise them. This rule applies whether the junior or vulnerable adult member is a permit holder or not.
  5. Gas turbines are to be operated in accordance with BMFA Code of Practice for Safe Operation of Model Gas Turbines (a copy of which can be obtained from the BMFA or the Committee) together with the following rules, which are specific to the SCMHC flying site. Rules 5.1 to 5.6 below will be subject to periodic reassessment.
    1. The operator must be the holder of a BMFA ‘B’ certificate.
    2. Solo operation is not permitted i.e. At least two people must attend to operate, both must be competent flyers.
    3. A Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher must be on stand-by at all times.
    4. Testing or starting up shall take place only in the designated areas.
    5. Immediately prior to take off a range check should be made with the model observed by the helper.
    6. All other helicopters present, whether electric, IC or gas turbine will be grounded with radios off during any flight or flights.
  6. Recognisable frequency numbers or numbered coloured pennants must be displayed on 35MHz transmitters at all times. 2.4GHz transmitters are exempt.  
  7. There is no flying beyond the boundary line shown on the club flying area handout.
  8. All taking off and landing must take place within the designated areas.
  9. All engines must be effectively silenced down to 82db. The readings to be taken from a distance of 7 metres at four equally spaced points. (The average of the four readings will be accepted).
  10. All Helicopters must be restrained whilst being started. When started they must be physically restrained at all times until over the safety line, and upon returning to the pits must not be flown over this line. Throttle Hold must be used at all times until in the take off area.
  11. The purpose of the lines will be adhered to at all times as a Safety zone and pits as shown in the flying area handout.
  12. All radio equipment will be type approved for use within the UK and will carry a CE mark or a BMFA Type Approval Certificate.
  13. Flying at the site is only permitted during designated hours.
    • Saturday: 12:00pm until 6:00pm
    • Sunday:  10:00am until 2:00pm
  14. No more than four helicopters will be permitted to fly at any one time.
  15. Should a serious incident happen involving people, property or animals, the member involved in the incident must immediately (or as soon as practically possible) inform a Committee member and provide details.
  16. At the Committee’s discretion a member is occasionally entitled to bring a guest to fly at the field for the day, subject to the following conditions;
    • A Committee member’s approval must be obtained beforehand.
    • The guest flyer must be accompanied by the host member.
    • The host member will be held responsible for the guest flyer’s conduct to ensure compliance with SCMHC rules.
    • The guest will be required to produce proof of BMFA insurance.
  17. To minimise the risk of fire, smoking and the use of naked flames is not permitted within the pits area.
  18. Any infringement of these rules and conditions shall bear serious consequences and disciplinary action will be taken against any member flying in an irresponsible manner. The alleged offender shall in all cases be given a fair hearing. In all cases the Committee’s decision will be final.
  19. Use of mobile phones is not permitted in the pits area or whilst flying.