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What is #scistuchat? 6 second description - 

#Scistuchat (cy-stew-chat) is a monthly Twitter Chat with scientists and high school students. Students and Scientists discuss general science topics once a month. Topics might include: genetically modified food, cloning, stell cell research and others, space exploration funding, evolution....
The discussion takes place on the 2nd Thursday of the month Sept-May. 

As a result of the National Science Teacher Association Conference in Chicago, #SciStuChat will be pushed back to March 19th
March 19th #SciStuChat is the  at 8 pm Central Time. Topic: Science in HollyWood. 

Questions from Feb. Here are some of the questions we plan to discuss with scientists and student on Thursday.

Q1 How does the brain change throughout our lifetime? #scistuchat

Q2 How does the brain control/shape a person’s personality? #scistuchat

Q3  How is memory stored in the brain? #scistuchat

Q4 How does the brain communicate with other parts of the body? #scistuchat

  1. Q-4.1 What are some causes of communication disruption between the brain and body. #scistuchat

Q5  How is the brain affected during a concussion? #scistuchat

Q6  Find and share a resource on the internet that helps explain how the brain reacts to different stimuli and why. #scistuchat

2-10-15 3 high school classrooms had a video discussion with 3 brain scientists. Watch the video below. 

Jan 15th #SciStuChat - Topic....Sound Does More than Music. Chat questions are listed below. 

Potential questions we hope to address in the chat are listed below.

    • Q1 What is your understanding of the science of sound? How does sound work? #SciStuchat

    Follow up Q1.1 How does the brain interpret sound?

Chat Format Below

YouTube Video

It was fun to have Science Friday's Twitter help promote our chat recently. 

High School Students and Teachers are invited to participate. 
Scientists and Science writers are also invited. 
*Special note to scientists - You do not need to be an authority on the any of the topics. We need science minded professionals. Your scientists friends are welcome as well!

If you do have a twitter account; search hashtag #scistuchat and make sure to include "#scistuchat" in all your tweets. 
If you do not have a twitter account you can still follow the conversation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBOfm4ACeT0

Discussion format. 
  1. We will have a series of questions for students and scientists to answer. The format will be as follows.
    1. Questions will be posed-
      1. Q1 What is DNA?
    2. Student and scientist responses -
      1. A1 DNA is a blue print of the body.
      2. A1 DNA is made of nucleotides
    3. Students and scientists are encouraged to Retweet questions before they start writing their reply, this will help more people see the question.
  2. The questions will get deeper and will begin with Q1, Q2, Q3. Responses to questions should start with A1 A2 A3 depending on the question. Eventually the questions will lead us into our focus question
    1. If DNA can tell you when you are going to die, would you want to know.
  3. The focus question will start us on the path of ethics behind using DNA to decide whether or not to hire people or insure them.
  4. We need to encourage students to ask thoughtful questions and to address someone specific.
    1. Questions by students put out the whole group are less likely to be addressed. Thus resulting in frustrated students.  
  5. We want to encourage students to talk to each other and the scientists

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