Wanted/For Sale

Wish List!

A Microscopic "Fuel Flea"

Radiation induced colored salt from the Project Gnome test cavity

DU or Natural Uranium Fuel Pellets

Large quantity Depleted Uranium such as a DU counterweight

Zirconium fuel rod casing


For Sale/ I have cleaned out my lab of unwanted equipment for the move, Moving Sale:

1.) Tungsten shielded PMT assembly with base.


2.) Low level radioactive check sources, including small quanities of radioactive thorium lantern mantles and small lots of uranium ore pebbles for classroom demos etc. 


4.) Gamma area detector with scintillation plastic


5.) PMT's for gamma camera have video connector base on them so they can connect with unit.


6.) Ludlum 2223 Alpha/beta scaler/ratemeter with an analog and digital LCD readout. A slightly older model of the Ludlum 2224 http://www.ludlums.com/product/m2224.htm. For its application, it has a great selection of feature including high voltage readout in the instrument. It is a superb little device, and is in one of the best shapes of any of my used equipment, very few scratches. Ludlum has always been my favorite line of rad instruments because if their durability, and this one is no exception! Last calibration per certificate on the side is 2001, though it may have been pulse calibrated since then, I'm not sure. 

 7.) Components for a Varian Mass Spectrometer, only if you need something specific (magnet, gas inlet, control panel elements, etc.) Will sell or depending on the item I may just donate. 

8.) End window GM tube

 9.) Mass spectrometer bending magnet, many uses other than the intended, maybe a beta spectrometer? Knife edge is fine, also note the ion source below.

10.) The components to the Faraday cup.

Email me for more pictures and other information. Would like offers, but I may give a price if needed   

May be able to help with other items, contact me.