Radioactive Tubes 

A couple of formerly radioactive tubes. The one on bottom contained less than 5 uCi of Kr-85 gas at its time of manufacture in the 70's, which has decayed to a non-detectable level today. The tubes on top on the right 1B35's and on left its big brother contained Co-60 and with its short half-life, basically nothing remains. 


Three very hot 1B22 tubes that contain Radium-226. Going though a surplus lot to check for anything dangerous, many more of these were found.


A spark gap inside a cool box with 2 uCi of Cs-137, abve is a similar one with with 5 uCi of Cs-137

The actual tube its self with really cool markings



A interesting black, very radioactive tube with a red trifoil on the side


Many small tubes containing Radium and Kr-85 made by Western Electric


An interesting box housing a tube as it suggests the Kr-85 in the tube is under a specific license.


Spark gaps with Cs-137 that are still somewhat radioactive

Misc. tubes with interestingly radioactive marked boxes, etc. One on the right is very radioactive.


 No longer radioactive, but has cool markings on the box

Although this tube registers nearly nothing on a detector, it is one of my favorites, a miniature spark gap 



Like the 1B22's above this one is signifigantly radioactive and made by the same company, but possibly a result of it being manufactured for the Navy, it is somewhat hotter. 

An older Krytron. This relates to my interests in two ways; first it is very active containing a uCi or two of Ra-226. Newer Krytrons contain Ni-63, a low energy beta emitter that is non detectable thru the glass of the tube, which is quite unlike this one which will send a geiger counter screaming. Also interesting is that Krytrons have long held the dual use label, because along with having uses in consumer products such as photocopiers, they are also essential in triggering the explosive lenses in implosion type nuclear weapons.

A noise generating tube with a small amount of Ra-226
A tube contain a trace of Ra-226, only barely detectable on a good day
An awesome small Western Electric tube similar to some above, but because of either laziness or extra ionization being an afterthought; it has a radium foil taped to the outside. It is highly radioactive obviously.