Radioactive Items

Here are just a few of my radioactive things

Uranium and Thorium

Transuranics and Fission Products

Items that were sold to the public

Radioactive Tubes 

Radioluminescent items


 Source Collection

 A few unexpected radiation finds


Sample Collection 

I have a small sample collection of environmental samples from different sites, if you live near a radiologically contaminated site, cleaned up or not, I would love to hear from you!

Sites currently include:

 Nevada Test Site, K-25, K-1085, Old firehouse burn area burial site, Under Los Alamos Inn Parking Lot, Acid Canyon creek bed sediment, Acid Canyon water sample, Ashey Pond water sample, Sequoyah Fuels Corporation, Oak Ridge White Oak Creek Melton Valley soil near White Oak Dam, Clinch River water sample from White Oak Creek outflow location, Soil near banks of White Oak Creek and unknown creek/pond/body of water, Unknown Creek/Pond water sample near banks of White oak creek, Arkansas Nuclear One soil and water, Grand Gulf nuclear station soil and water, and much more



Even though these are all extremely low level, I sure do have the capacity to store them!

Many thanks to David Boudreax for the shielding containers!

My Homemade Glove Box

My Homemade Storage Well