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For information about.......

Civil Defense -

Nuclear weapons -

Fusion -


Atomic collecting- Health Physics Instrumentation Museum Directory

Element Collecting, including radioactive ones There is also a link some where there to order a great book on all things radioactive called Living with Radiation


To buy nuclear related stuff!  Awesome service and one of a kind items! Awesome service and items!


If you need dosimetry or you've got a somewhat larger budget for used rad instrumentation try

They are wonderfully nice people and thats where I get my TLD dosimetry from. Some of the cheapest prices anywhere and have CHPs to help out. The prices for used radiation instruments is a little higher than what you would pay on eBay, but its 100% working if you don't want to gamble or fix anything. They are very good to deal with if you are an amateur since they are not a large corporation and they have some of the cheapest prices on dosimetry avaliable, plus advice to back it up. 



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