Historical Collection

Here are a few items from my collection


Historic Radiation Detectors


A Precision Radiation Instruments 111 "Standard Scintillator"

A Precision Radiation Instruments 118 "Royal Scintillator"


 Look at how big its NaI(Tl) Crystal is!


Some various instruments. The ones on the right from left to right


1) A NRC military RADIAC unit

2) Radector, Used by Atomic Energy Commission at the Nevada Test Site, contains internal Sr-90 check source.

3) Sears Tower Gun Scintillator

4) An old CAE scintillometer with a milliamp readout (no Mr/Hr or CPM)

An electroscope from probably the early 50's. It is basically the biggest direct reading pen

 dosimeter you have ever seen if you look into it!

2 "Radectors" that contain an internal Sr-90 Check Source. They involve the three things I collect: Civil Defense items, Nuclear Testing items; plus they are radioactive! Oddly enough the one used for civil defense has an AEC serial # in it.


A huge electronic dosimeter made in Germany. They are mainly used throughout Europe, in nuclear power plants, etc. How it made it to the U.S. is unknown.


An interesting GE electroscope device, low level as it measures in the milli-roentgens.


  Civil Defense

 A rare CDV-705 speaker for the CDV-700 in great condition


Nuclear Testing


Here is one detector from the Nevada Test Site:

Some various Trinitite

 Under Construction more nuclear testing items to be added soon!


Encased UO2 Power Reactor Fuel Pellet from Kerr-Mcgee (Need help with identification if you have any info please contact me!), it is actual uranium with some activity, but I am almost 100% positive it is un-enriched :-)



 A set of Indium activation foils for college demos. Along with Cd and Cu sets from the same company the rest are used for activation experiments with my Farnsworth Fusor

 To see more of my collection, things that are radioactive, go to my radioactive collection page


My dad has very kindly built me display shelves at his place of business. The room is narrow so it is difficult to take good pictures. Only items that are not or very low level radioactive are here, but it is a good environment for them. 


Under Construction