Fun Stuff

Various songs relating to cyclotrons a "big science":

My favorite:  A short song about a cyclotron crew's nightmare having to activate 80 mCi of Iron. Round and round and round goes the Deuteron, smack in the target goes the ion beam!

From the same site various cartoons about how a cyclotron looks to different people: Click see more to see more!

Uranium Chemistry, it may have been better suited on another page, but it is fun for me and there are some good, funny shots!

Felt in the holiday spirit so here are some various songs about radiation matters, including "working in a nuclear power plant" to the tune of "walking in a winter wonderland":

Explosions! I have added a few cool chemistry related thinks to "YouTube":

Me with the new host of the Tonight Show, Conan O'Brien! (While I was not on the Tonight Show, my Fusor was!)

Me with Nobel Prize winning Physicist Leon Lederman