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Taylor's Nuke Site
For all the nuclear hobbyists out there

Hi, my name is Taylor Wilson and I am 15 years old. I am an obsessive lover of all things nuclear and have a home amateur nuclear laboratory. My main interests are nuclear fusion, nuclear history, and the use of radiation in many fields including industry and nuclear medicine. I have a large collection of nuclear collectibles and history items including instrumentation and radioactive items along with doing research with neutron sources and radioactive materials.


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Please email me with questions, comments, or suggestions, and I'll try to help.  If you can help with any information on things on this site it would be very useful as there isn't just a whole lot of info on this kind of stuff out there. I am always looking for more items for my collection or research, so if you have any even if I have similar items, I would be interested.

Have you witnessed a nuclear test or been involved in the nuclear testing program? I am very interested in information, documents, or artifacts relating to nuclear testing. Please contact me.

If you have an item that you would like analyzed for radiation I would be happy to help. Also if you have any NORM, exempt, or generally licensed unwanted historical radioactive sources I can help too.

Any donation to my lab or collection is much appreciated and I will reimburse you for any trouble.

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