SCiP 2010 Conference Review:

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The 40th Annual Meeting of the Society for Computers in Psychology was held on November 18th, 2010, in St. Louis, Missouri. Many thanks go to all who attended and to the organizing committee for making SCiP 2010 such a huge success!  In total, we had 16 paper presentations and 41 posters, a morning-long tutorial on Bayesian data analysis by John Kruschke, a presidential address by Michael Birnbaum on web-based research, and a keynote talk on dynamic decision making models by Jay McClelland. It was an outstanding conference with some excellent new interdisciplinary work with the application of computers to psychological research.


There were over 60 attendees at this year’s conference, and just over half of those were graduate students (this is an excellent sign of a growing society!).  A special thanks goes to Xiangen Hu, the conference organizer for SCiP 2010—Xiangen worked tirelessly to make this year’s conference come off smoothly.


Congratulations goes to Jun Xie of the University of Memphis. Jun is this year’s winner of the John Castellan Award for Best Student Paper for his presentation “Analyzing Directed Data by using MPT Models of Source Monitoring” with coauthors Huang, Hu, and Marks. Jun wins a subscription to BRM and a $100 cash prize for his outstanding work.


The August issue of Behavior Research Methods will feature papers published from SCiP 2010 presentations.


We look forward to seeing everyone in Seattle for SCiP 2011!

Message from the SCiP President