Scion Natural Science Association

Scion Natural Science Association offers grants (a) for education and research in the natural and medical sciences to qualifying 501(c)(3) foundations including colleges, universities, museums and zoos; and (b) for special projects and explorations of careers in science to individual students. The Association is a small private foundation, meeting the IRS 501(c)(3) requirements.

Guidelines for grants

Grant applications are by invitation only. Our ongoing funding commitments do not warrant an open application process. We typically fund no more than a half-dozen projects at any given time.

We do not support charitable organizations that have alternative or significant means of support. We do not respond to annual appeals or to requests to provide general operating funds or to build an endowment. We do not fund organizations or institutions with distinct political aims or affiliations, or which discriminate in any way.

These are guidelines, not mandates, and the foundation makes decisions about each grant on an individual basis.

Queries may be sent to

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