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- Vinyl Roof Replacement

The Webasto roof on the Scimitar leaked badly in the rain since I bought it. It used to drip down on my head at times and if left out in the rain the drivers seat would get all wet. I tried several times to repair it but the wooden frame had rotted away in places and was only getting worse.
I began to collect the parts required for replacing the roof, I got one lovely roof off eBay but when it turned up I found it to be too small and was off and earlier SE5. Luckily I was able to resell it at the same price I purchased it for. The second one I found again on eBay was the correct size but the material had a rip in it.
After dismantling it I proceeded to clean down all the metal parts and spray them all.

Sprayed roof parts

After getting all this prep done I had a change of heart. I came to realize that it was unlikely to do a good enough job on the Webasto for it to keep the elements out. It was probably going to leak in a couple of years. So new plan was to fill in the roof section and replace the whole roof with Vinyl.
I luckily knew of a Scimitar body in a nearby scrapyard I started stripping the old sunroof out and the vinyl roof too. It all came off easily enough, Lots and lots of rusty screws held the frame to the roof. A lot of them had to be drilled out.

Once I was ready for the roof section I headed to the scrapyard to get the roof cut out. On arrival things did not look good, Most of the cars had been removed and a track machine on site was clearing the site. It seems the scrapyard had been shutdown because of environmental reasons. Spoke to the owner who told me the body had been buried just days before!
Not a happy camper at this stage, I had a big hole in my roof and nothing to fill it in with :(

After some searching I looked into getting one shipped from the UK but the costs were high. I eventually found one in Ireland but it took me a few months to get time to go and cut it out of the car.

I started with a strip around the edges to support the roof section that I was fitting then eased the roof section info place with the roll bar in the slot.


Then the fun started. I ground out a valley between the roof and the new panel all the way round, using fiberglass I filled in the valley .... TBBC