About Us

Founded at March 2007, the Society for Chinese Instrumental Music (SCIM) is a non-profit organization with missions to promote Chinese instrumental music and culture in the US and to improve children's appreciation of Chinese music and their performance skills.

SCIM is dedicated to the following activities:

  • Promote Chinese instrumental music and Chinese culture in the US.
  • Facilitate the education of Chinese instrumental music among children in the US.
  • Certify the skill level of performers of Chinese instrumental music.
  • Facilitate communication among Chinese instrumental musicians in the US, and between Chinese musicians and other musician groups in the US.
  • Facilitate communication between Chinese instrumental musicians in China and the US.

SCIM's advisors consists of famous musicians and outstanding Chinese Americans in different fields, for example, Mr. DongSheng Piao, President of CNOS and a famous musician.

Board of Directors

Ping Li (President), pinglimusic@gmail.com

Lucy Sun, lucysun47@gmail.com

Jenny La, JLa@tufts-nemc.org

Decheng Wang, wang0417@comcast.net

Geoffrey Xiao, geofxiao@yahoo.com

 Please feel free to email us at pinglimusic@gmail.com.