Open Letter to Mr. Lawrence Wright

Dear Mr. Wright!

 Your new Scientology-critical book   Going Clear   is a typical example of being a pro-Scientology book, since it once more helps to solidify the myth that Scientology is a religion which it is not - even Hubbard said so. That is Scientology’s most important goal at this moment - to be acknowledged worldwide as a religion. Two years from now your book and it’s contents will be forgotten - as is meanwhile SP Times’ Truth-Rundown -, but the Scientology-“religion” will still be around, a controversial religion, yes, but still a religion.

 The key to understanding Scientology is not by showing once more some of the hidden negative occurrences inside the organizations, but to decipher the complex Scientology-Newspeak and then decode the meticulously written down algorithms of Hubbard’s Tech® (15.000 pages of “scriptures”, 40 millions of words), a Tech which either makes you addicted or breaks you…

 Only then you can see that the Scientology-technologies create Scientologists®, i.e. beings undergoing willingly constant heaviest behavior modifications, consequently living only Hubbard’s “carved in stone”-policies, thinking only his prescribed thoughts; as a “valuable final product” Hubbard’s Tech ultimately creates human fighting machines, being at war with critical countries like Germany, France, Belgium, or with Scientology-critics and psychiatrists…

 You will find out that Scientology is an intelligence gathering organization, ready for any data-mining (forget facebook and co.); that this military-style controlled, totalitarian organization breeds slaves that do exactly as they are told by the management; and that it influences various European countries via US-politicians and consulates.

 And you will finally understand why up to now journalists and book-writers (including yourself) have described redundantly the SYMPTOMS and not the CAUSE (i.e. the Tech).

 I read parts of your New Yorker article The Apostate, from which I quote several times in my book Scientology schafft uns ab – Mission: Clear Planet (Scientology Annihilates Us - Mission: Clear Planet). Some quotes are already obsolete, e.g. that the FBI is investigating… All I know is that the FBI investigations were already over before we even heard of it (quoting villagevoice); your interviews of high ranking defectors may even have contributed to it (quoting Tampa Bay Times special 2-part-report on FBI's Scientology investigation from 14th January 2013)…

 This enlightening Tampa Bay Times report demonstrates very vividly that as long as Scientology is protected by the First Amendment's free exercise of religion clause, the Scientology Enterprises have carte blanche to do whatever they like.

 Therefore it is important  to prove that Scientology is not a religion (which even Hubbard said in several of his works that I have photocopied on my website), that the Scientology Enterprises are only defined as religion because the IRS said so (see, the original website has been shut down).


To prove that Scientology is not a religion you should first ask yourself the following questions:

Which religion uses lie-detectors?

Which religion continuously heavily interrogates its members?

Which religion uses behavior modification techniques? (Those techniques cannot be prosecuted as coercion in relation to the obedient character of Scientologists.)

Which religion applies menticide-techniques (using frequently Kurt Lewin’s Change model of Unfreezing, Changing, Refreezing to replace prior behavior and knowledge by new behavior, new memories, new “knowledge”)?

Which religion uses intelligence gathering? (The abundant protocols cover a wide range of aspects of life of the members that can be easily data-mined.)

Which religion uses an internal law enforcement to spy upon other members and denounce them?

Which religion uses Spiritual Engineering (to replace the soul by a “thetan”)?



Only the Scientology Enterprises use all these techniques - that’s why Scientology is not a religion…

Wouldn’t that be an interesting theme for an article? Or a book?

By investigating Scientology on a scientific level you and some of your book-critics will understand why Scientologists, even those who “out of their own free will” are living in heavily guarded areas, surrounded by barbed wire fences, write that your book is full of lies – they have been submitted to heaviest behavior modification and still are on a daily basis.

Once the myth that Scientology is a religion has been shattered Scientology can be thoroughly investigated by US authorities.

That is my realization derived from years of studying the Scientology-Newspeak and consequently all of Scientology's technologies.

In closing this letter I wish you would use your influence to have Scientology properly studied and examined so that it can be re-defined as a new kind of political extremism. The terms “religion” and “church” certainly do not belong in the category of adequate descriptions of Scientology.


Alfred R. Zeisel

Update April 2013:

I admit I am proven wrong in the above letter: not two years, three months sufficed to make your book uninteresting. But I was right in the assumption that it helped cement Scientology as a religion, also by creating the “anti-Goingclear-Website”  by the Scientology Enterprises, where their “religious” and “church-status” is propagated endlessly.


Let's compare the endlessly repeated Scientology-propaganda, that you can only believe the stories of Scientologists and the description of Scientology by the Scientology Enterprises, and that critics of Scientology are bad, have an axe to grind and so on,  to Hitler and Goebbels: According to this Scientology-logic you have to believe only the propaganda of Goebbels and reject the accounts of thousands of Jewish survivors of concentration camps as hate-stories, have to disregard the critical writings of Sophie Scholl and other critics of the Nazi-regime…

You think this comparison is too far-out?

Nope, it isn’t:

Scientology has concentration camps (this term was coined in the eighties by US citizen and Ex-Scientologist Tonya Burden,, the euphemism for them is “Rehabilitation Project Forces” (RPFs); I have seen these poor beings living in them, even had to severely sec check one… (See, sorry, it’s in German, perhaps the google translation suffices. Or just google: RPF Scientology)

I could go on endlessly with other comparisons, which I described painstakingly in a few chapters of my upcoming new book Scientology schafft uns ab, but I am too bored to do so, and I also think that you got the gist.