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Alfred R. Zeisel  Scientology annihilates us – Mission: Clear Planet

Vaughn Young, re 'Mission Clear Planet': "Hubbard literally had a plan for world conquest. He actually literally wanted to take over the world, but he had to put it in other terms. The term he came up with was "clear the planet." This sounds like a very beneficient action: we're going to "clear the planet" which means 'rid it of its problems' but really it was more of a case like a Hitler: he wants to rid the planet of vermin. The vermin are the people who are stopping him and these were basically the enemies of Scientology."
http://www.xenu-directory.net/mirrors/www.whyaretheydead.net/others/ctv9507013.html or http://factnet.org/node/1342/

See also German OPC-quote regarding "Clear Deutschland", "Clear Europa" oder "Clear Planet"http://www.verfassungsschutz-bw.de/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=47&Itemid=61

For the first time by the exact decoding of the numerous Scientology technologies an easily understandable nature trail (and a methodological approach) offers you to glance behind the glittering facade of Scientology and shows you in detail how dangerous this organization really is.

Part One – The Scientology-Lie Experienced (Die Scientolüge erlebt) – is the rather unusual description of the experiences of the author during his apprenticeship and journeyman years in Scientology. It is a detailed log of the gradual enslavement and extremely painful re-liberation of a soul in the technological age, told with irony and sarcasm. By sharing his (yes, sometimes intimate) experiences the author wants to prevent his fellow man from falling prey to the Scientology manipulation techniques.

Part Two – The Scientology-Lie Decoded (Die Scientolüge decodiert): by scratching away the PR-paint layer by layer the author exposes the globally working economic group of Scientology, who allegedly sells  “life improvement techniques”, as a military-cybernetic organization and an intelligence-gathering secret service. Hubbard’s hidden conditioning techniques mold a new fighting human machine (”Kampfmensch”) – the “Homo Novis” – who is used by the management along strategic networks against every enemy of Scientology. The attacks are financed from a bulging “war chest”.

The reader learns step by step that Scientology is not only unconstitutional but also represents a hidden form of political extremism. The absolute binding Scientology policies contain both selection and killing instructions. The selection rules are already used today in every Scientology organization and by any Scientologist.

By using the extreme example of “Scientology” the author shows in minute detail where our society would steer, if it continues to be dominated by amoral economic interests and intelligence-gathering and statistically-oriented management technologies. Numerous quotes from the original “scriptures” of Hubbard and carefully selected materials of Ex-Scientologists and critics – including the winner of an Oscar – support the findings and judgments of the author.

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“The author accomplishes the feat of presenting the complete armoury of Scientology’s behaviouristic control-techniques in a most convincing way… This book is without doubt one of world’s best social scientific analysis of the Scientology-System.” Dr. Jürgen Keltsch

(“Der Autor versteht es, das gesamte Arsenal der behavioristischen Kontrolltechnologien des scientologischen Systems höchst überzeugend zu präsentieren. … Bei dem Buch handelt es sich derzeit um die weltweit beste sozialwissenschaftliche Analyse des Systems Scientology.”  Dr. Jürgen Keltsch)

Photos or photocopies of Hubbard’s quotes re selection and disposing of critics and enemies, proscription lists, and much more here: http://www.scientologyschafftunsab.de/ergaenzendes-bild-und-textmaterial.html 

I decided to translate the book’s title into “Scientology Annihilates Us – Mission: Clear Planet” on following grounds:

Definitions of “annihilate” (including examples of Scientology exerting it):

TheFreeDictionary (http://www.thefreedictionary.com/annihilate)
1. a. To destroy completely. b. To reduce to non-existence (non existence is a conditioning formula in Hubbard’s ethics-arsenal, it is Shaping and Chaining
[1]). c. To defeat decisively; vanquish.
2. To nullify or render void; abolish (democracy).

Dictionary.com (Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2012, http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/annihilate)
1. to reduce to utter ruin (new prospects so that they buy Scientology-products) or non-existence (I like to repeat it: Non existence is a Scientology-formula of Shaping and Chaining); destroy utterly (the enemies of Scientology, the psychiatrists)
3. to annul (the human rights
[2]); make void (to annihilate democracy)
4. to cancel the effect (of a Non-Scientologist person; all Scientology-techniques are designed to take over control of every person); nullify (the personality, the soul)
5. to defeat completely (the enemies of Scientology)

These definitions more than justify the English title of my book Scientology schafft uns ab – Mission: Clear Planet  as  Scientology Annihilates Us – Mission: Clear Planet”.

(Robert Vaughn Young, working closely with Hubbard: “Hubbard literally had a plan for world conquest. He actually literally wanted to take over the world, but he had to put it in other terms. The term he came up with was “clear the planet.” This sounds like a very beneficent action: we’re going to “clear the planet” which means ‘rid it of its problems’ but really it was more of a case like a Hitler: he wants to rid the planet of vermin. The vermin are the people who are stopping him and these were basically the enemies of Scientology.” factnet, http://tinyurl.com/3suu5d9; xenu-directory, http://tinyurl.com/6eqzhny)

The MAIN GOAL of Scientology is to establish the Scientology Enterprises worldwide as a RELIGION.

The SOCIAL SCIENTIFIC GOALS of the intelligence gathering[3], military-cybernetically controlled non-religious Scientology Enterprises are:

1. spiritual engineering[4] of new souls (“thetans”; badly pronounced “thetan” sounds like “SATAN”)

2. human and social engineering[5] of human fighting machines (Kampfmenschen) to fight worldwide all enemies of Scientology; this is done by:

I. creating other-oriented[6] people (other-oriented to Scientology, thus constantly buying Scientology-products);

II. creating extrinsic motivated[7] persons (motivated ONLY by Hubbard’s and Scientology’s policy letters – Hubbard’s eternally valid “laws”, as studied in the expensive and extensive courses and during “auditing”, the even more expensive Scientology-“therapy” – 150.000 Dollars are the average for a small portion of the “bridge to total freedom”);

III. a total indoctrination and brainwashing (better: heavy and constant behavior modification) of every citizen with the inhuman and anti-democratic contents of Hubbard’s policy letters, some of them containing separation and killing instructions[8];

IV. a menticide unknowingly performed by the Scientologist permanently on himself.

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Copyrights and Trademarks used or possibly used

“Scientology” ist ein Trademark des Scientology-Konzerns.[9]

“Scientology Klassifizierungs-, Gradierungs-, und Bewusstseinskarte der Stufen und Zertifikate” (“Gradkarte”)[10], © 1991, 1993 L. Ron Hubbard Library

Die zerknitterte Blaupause der “Gradkarte” ist sarkastisch-parodistisch zu verstehen.[11] Denn die “Brücke zur völligen Freiheit” des Religionsparodisten[12] Hubbard ist eigentlich eine zynische Verspottung wirklicher Befreiung, da sie das Individuum faktisch völlig versklavt. Das Bild “Hubbard mit Globus”, das Hubbards (bzw. Scientologys) eigentliches Ziel darstellt, stammt aus International Scientology News, Ausgabe 11, Seite 46, © 1999 CSI.[13] Die Abbildungen Gradkarte” und “Hubbard mit Globus” sollen keineswegs irreführenderweise den Eindruck erwecken, dass das vorliegende Buch ein Buch des Scientology-Konzerns wäre – kleiner Joke. Das Bild “Hubbard mit Globus” ist übrigens auch in den (in Bezug auf Scientology desinformierenden) Verfassungsschutz­berichten Bayerns 2010 und 2011 abgedruckt.

Die eventuell in diesem Blog und seinen Einträgen verwendeten Hubbard-Zitate stammen aus:

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Die Trademarks der verwendeten Scientology-Symbole, wie die zwei Dreiecke mit dem (sie wie eine Schlange durchziehenden) S, Crowley’s durchgestrichenes Kreuz sind bei den diversen Körperschaften des Scientology-Konzerns, wie CoS (Church of Scientology International), CST (Church of Spiritual Technology), L. Ron Hubbard Library etc.

Die verwendeten Zitate der Scientology-Kritiker sind Public Domain. Die Copyrights der von ihnen angeführten Zitate Hubbards sind bei den jeweils angegebenen Körperschaften des Scientology-Konzerns. Die Copyrights des zitierten oder verwendeten Pressematerials sind bei den jeweils angegebenen Herausgebern der Websites bzw. Veröffentlichungen.

See also http://scientologyschafftunsab2.wordpress.com




[2] Just Bill: “Scientology “supports” the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, except for Articles 4, 5, 9, 12, 18, 19, 23 and 24 — and any other Articles that might interfere with their raking in money and abusing staff and public.” http://askthescientologist.blogspot.de/2010/04/scientology-and-universal-declaration.html (or http://tinyurl.com/czfnrkg)

[3] Every Scientologist is forced by Scientology-LAW to SPY on others; even not to report an “outpoint” -  a transgression or breaking of Hubbards LAW -  is a high crime; through patterned, grid-like searches in the past of every person or Scientologist personal behaviour, personal traits, sexual predilections etc. are carefully recorded by hand in code-like protocols of the sessions; finally after years adding up to 40 or more thick data-collection folders, making a person totally open for any profiling – forget facebook and Co! Since these folders are tagged, you can  see immediately, if the person is easily controlled, a rebel, a “sexual pervert” (masturbation is already a sexual perversion) etc. It is Profiling the Scientology way. These folders are accessible at any time to the Scientology-secret service OSA, and if need be, to CIA and other interested parties…

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[11] Kurzinfo: Parodien über Hubbard, “Auditing” (die scientologische “Therapie”), die “Gradkarte” etc. sind in Scientology Schwerstverbrechen! Siehe Einführung in die Ethik der Scientology, Kapitel Unterdrückerische Handlungen

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[14] L. Ron Hubbard Library: “It isn’t a church, and it isn’t a library: it’s the richest and most powerful corporation in the entire Scientology empire (http://sc-i-r-s-ology.com/contents/copyrightempire.html),  owner of all the copyrights (http://sc-i-r-s-ology.com/copyrights/copyrightsindex.html), owner and controller of the most important trademarks (http://sc-i-r-s-ology.com/trademarks.html), and being run by the Internal Revenue Service (http://sc-i-r-s-ology.com/contents/howirsruns.html) through three non-Scientologist tax attorneys (http://sc-i-r-s-ology.com/documents/1992-06-29bruggink.html) hand-picked by Meade Emory and “the Service”- IRS -to be Special Directors of CST for life.” http://sc-i-r-s-ology.com/founder.html, 07.06.2012. (Meade Emory war Assistant Commissioner der IRS, der Scientology umstrukturierte; CST: Church of Spiritual Technology – die L. Ron Hubbard Library. See Homepage http://sc-i-r-s-ology.com/)