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2015/2016 Classes (taught by Mr. Higgins)

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This website is Mr. Higgins' portfolio, where he demonstrates for other educators the method we use in class.
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Welcome to Science with Higgins!
I am currently engaged this 2015/2016 year in the following:

  • Continuous - Continuing to develop an online presence, using YouTube, publishing both classroom student versions & public videos to interact with anyone. 
  • 1st and 2nd Quarter - Completing the Astronomy Version 2.0 video series using subscriber feedback and student responses from past semesters. 
  • 1st and 2nd Quarter - Adjusting Astronomy to the copy-paste calendar method that uses Google Drive documents that can be used in Google Classroom.
  • 1st and 2nd Quarter - Develop the series Conceptual Blended Classroom' and 'Making Google Sites easy to use in the Classroom' under Educator Tools. Showing other educators how to use the method developed with Aaron Willems. 
    • Educators - The method I use maximizes my class-time with students. I am privileged to spend my traditional 'lecture time' in-class, talking to my students' in 'face-to-face' interactions correcting misconceptions and redirecting their thought processes. This method is both engaging for the educator, and for the student. The 'Conceptual Blended Classroom' WORKS. And this Fall, through the cooperation of Mr. Willems (who has taught this method with me for 2 years), I will film an analysis of the methodology, and results on how to implement this method in any class. - Justin
  • 1st and 2nd Quarter - Notes on delivering an AP Environmental Science course using Google Classroom and focusing on Labs. Outlining a 2 Semester course delivered in a single Semester. 
  • 3rd Quarter - Adjusting Physical Science: Physics to the copy-paste calendar method in collaboration with Mr. Willems & a new educator.
  • 3rd and 4th Quarter - Class design for 'Environmental 4 AP' series. Which will run parallel to the series The 'Conceptual Blended Classroomand 'Making Google Sites easy to use in the Classroom' under Educator Tools

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