Third Grade

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What Happens During Sci-Week?

Matter and energy lessons are turned up a notch. 
March 13, 2017 Mon    - Play with Air & Water (Intro to Elements & Compounds)
March 14, 2017  Tue     - Density of Solids and Liquids will Surprise All!
March 16, 2017  Thurs  - Film Canister Test Launch & Floating Lantern
There are 4 classes in this grade.  Enough participation makes for a successful week.  Please join us 8:30 to 1:00 pm any day that week. Snacks provided, plus lunch for those joining us the entire morning.

Time slot may be split when necessary (8:30-11:05 or 10:45 - 1:15 pm) 
  • Did we mention that kids LOVE seeing parents in action? Between 5-7 Volunteers are needed per day from set-up to last class. Volunteers divide up to help a small group of 6-7 kids with simple hands-on science activities. Lead Team Volunteer facilitate some class discussions.  
  • We try never to turn down additional people willing to participate full or part of the time as this adds so much to experience and extra coverage when there are last minute cancellations due to emergencies.  Even if it seems slots may be filled on any specific day, please send us a note and we'll gladly add you on the list!

Activity Outline & Quick Volunteer Training Videos

Updated outline & quick training videos on day's activities (if any) will be found on the bottom of this page very soon. Please note that currently attached documents may show volunteer schedule from previous years. The activity outlined, however, generally remains the same year after year.
Reading ahead coupled with some browsing on the internet are mostly all the preparation volunteers need. Fortunately, the program do attract many with a science background which has been extremely helpful to groups and the evolution of program

Set Up

  • Volunteers meet and set-up.
  • After brief introduction on activities by lead volunteer, class will be divided into small groups. 
  • Volunteers assigned to a small groups have kids for about 7-15 minutes then kids move on, rotating through 4 stations. Small groups volunteer stay at their respective station. After a couple of rotations, you'll be an expert!
  • Additional volunteer(s) serves as a rover, time keeper and possibly lead volunteer.


  • Materials provided by PTA.  
  • Most materials will be divided up for each volunteers ahead of time. 
  • Use time allotted prior to 1st class' arrival to meet with other volunteers, familiarize and pick up materials at site listed on calendar below and help with any additional set-up.
  • Refill/Reset station between classes as needed.

Lead Volunteer for the Day

This is the 5th year that the theme and most activities used have remained the same. Slight changes from past years are due to scheduling and teachers/volunteers feedback.
Having a "Lead Volunteer" helps guide class smoothly through transitions in activity and keep all on time.  Lead Volunteer gives a quick and simple introduction,cues and reminders for kids and volunteers throughout activity.  Please indicate if you are interested in being a lead volunteer for your group. 


  • Create opportunities for kids to be involved in every step of the process and perform most of the required steps to achieve goals of an activity.  Quick demonstration/intro, collaboration with peers or turn-taking are some of the methods incorporated.
  • Introduce a few new vocabulary words and/or ideas through play to support grade-level academic standards using hands-on science activities and other visuals.
  • Stay tuned-in to the kids reactions.  Give kids a little time and opportunity to form thoughts or questions throughout on topic. 

Approved Sci-Week Class Schedule

To all Volunteers: Please join us from 8:30 - 1:30 pm whenever possible. Split Shifts: 8:30-11:05 or 10:45 - 1:30 pm.
Click image to enlarge schedule.

MONDAY: Volunteer Outline and Information - Click here for 2017 Version
TUESDAY: Volunteer Outline and Information - Click here for 2017 Version
FRIDAY: Volunteer Outline and Information - Click here for 2017 Version

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