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The Neuroscience of Decision-making
Jan 11-18, 2015; Universitätszentrum Obergurgl, Austria
Scientific Organizers: Michael Shadlen (Columbia University, USA) and Daniel Wolpert (Cambridge University, UK)
Local organizer: Kathy-Ann Koralek, Verona, Italy

The study of decision-making exposes principles of neural processing that underlie a variety of mental functions. The school introduced students to recent advances emerging from computational, behavioural and neurobiological approaches to the study of decision making. The one week intensive course covered a variety of topics, including perceptual and value-based decisions, sensorimotor control, volition, foraging and reinforcement learning. The emphasis was on principles and mechanisms that can be understood at the systems, circuit and computational level. Lectures covered experimental model systems spanning human, monkey and rodent, and tutorials on quantitative methods were offered.