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Workshops, meetings, seminars and small conference organization

Scienceven.eu is dedicated to the educational events organized by Kathy-Ann Koralek, Ph.D., a neuroscientist dedicated since 2008 to producing schools of excellence in which knowledge and ideas can be exchanged at the highest level.

We provide smooth organization in magnificent Southern-European settings, for scholars or world experts to teach and interact with their younger peers. Meeting across generational, geographical, and cultural borders is important for the progress of research, or for any endeavour. It is also most important for those in the process of building their careers: being in a protected environment, away from the daily routine of research or teaching,  for a few days with the best scientists/writers/artists/thinkers world wide, in a friendly and pleasant situation, is the ideal formula to put out feelers for future collaborations, to network. Furthermore, some great friendships are known to have started in this sort of setting.
We like to make these encounters unforgettable.

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