This site contains a set of slideshows I made for SVN3E (Ontario, Canada curriculum). They follow the basic outline of the Environmental Science Interactions Workbook.

I'm not currently teaching this course, so no new content will be appearing. Also, some of the content is getting a little old. Since there's always new material appearing on YouTube, there's always better videos. If you'd like copies you can edit yourself, contact me using the link below and I'll hook you up. 

It is best to view the slideshows online through either Chrome or Firefox. The slideshows do not have the full-screen option in Microsoft Internet Explorer. (No one should be using that browser, but sometimes schools have no choice).

The slideshows are not designed to be a stand-alone learning medium. They require additional teacher explanations of various concepts. They also require unrestricted access to YouTube.

I've also posted the 'skeleton note' handouts that we use in class. See link on the left.

Click here if you would like to get a hold of me. If you have a Google Docs account, I can share the shows with your account so you can make a copy and edit.