The Arctic Ice cap has shown dramatic decline over the past decade.  Since there is quite a bit of data out there, I decided to try my hand at a statistical analysis that could project future ice extents based on past parameters.

  • Sources of data:  sites that provide useful Arctic data. 
    This page also has data I have compiled in spreadsheet from that people can use.

  • Correlations of [Extent & Area each month of the year] vs [data from the previous 24 months]
    Here you will find numerous graphs of R (the correlation coefficient) as a function of time, which helps spot data that is strongly correlated with extent and area.

  • Techniques for calculating future ice extent.

  • Predictions.  Calculations of future ice extent.  
  • Updates for about my recent sea ice work.  Partly for my own records; partly for others to see what I have been doing.  (Feel free to add comments). 

Data that I have explored includes monthly data for:
Further details on the data can be found on its specific page.