Supporting SHOW

Science Shaping Our World-SHOW has been culmination of the hard work and dedication of our SHOW team as well as the continued support and assistance provided by our founding sponsors (our biggest fans), our collaborative partners (our invaluable cast of stars), and the sister organizations that help us connect with and advertise SHOW events (supporting organizations).

Piloted in 2009 as a Munevar & Associates, Inc. outreach initiative, SHOW has grown into one of the preeminent life science translation and innovation event series in the Boston area. SHOW offers a stage where cutting edge life science innovations can shine. Our audience includes academic and industrial researchers among others. So as to better connect our SHOW community members with novel cutting edge companies, products, and services, we have created a special event sponsorship opportunity for select life science innovators, SHOW-Spotlight.

Join us in the spotlight and lets us help your company shine, 2013 events dates still available. Ask us about reserving your SHOW-spotlight event date. We look forward to seeing you at SHOW


Founding Fans:

WorkBar is a collaborative, professional workspace with a raw, brick-n-beam vibe and the high energy of a startup.

The space is professionally managed with ample workspace, meeting rooms, phone rooms and full office amenities, creating a productive work environment for an individual or team. Become a member to use the space, access WorkBar events and best of all, join a built-in community of business and social connection.

Propel Careers is a Boston based life sciences search and career development firm with the unique distinction of being dedicated to networking, mentoring and career development. Propel has a highly personalized

approach which benefits everyone we interact with. Propel’s core mission is to help current and future leaders accelerate their careers and by doing so, impact their success as well as the success of the industry.

SCiSOURCE INC provides Business Development and Sales Development expertise for Life Science companies of all sizes. From Concept to Commercialization, we are uniquely tooled to  provide 

the capabilities your company needs the most. Our sales team members are GLOBAL and can sell your product or service anywhere deemed critical.

Whether your are providing a service, a Life Science Research tool, a Clinical Diagnostic product or system, a Medical or Surgical Device, or you're developing a Pharmaceutical, Small Molecule, or Biologic, we can bring your product to market faster.

SHOW Cast:

The Harvard Catalyst Laboratory for Innovative Translational Technologies (HC-LITT), originally created and located at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, provides the Harvard research community (basic and clinical researchers) with early access to enabling leading-edge genomic and proteomic technologies.

We have partnered with Coloci so as to bring the future of networking to our members today. By becoming a SHOW community member you will have the capability to discover people via interests (including suggestions on who to meet), view profiles, message them (emails not disclosed), and connect with “interesting” members in-person at upcoming events (opt-in, location based, no tracking). We invite you to join us in advancing the future of life science research translation and development by becoming a member of our SHOW community and lending your thoughts, insights, and perspectives to current and upcoming events while connecting with old friends, colleagues, and valuable new network contacts.

The HMS/HSDM Postdoctoral Association (PDA) is a volunteer member run organization dedicated to improving the postdoctoral experience for all fellows at Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, and their affiliate institutions.  The PDA aims to be an agency of advocacy and aid to its members and is governed by the postdoctoral community.

Supporting Organizations:

The Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC) is a quasi-public agency of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, created by the Massachusetts legislature in June 2006. The MLSC is closely affiliated with the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development but is not subject to its direct supervision or control. The MLSC was established to promote the life sciences within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is tasked with investing in life sciences research and economic development. This work includes making financial investments in public and private institutions growing life sciences research, development and commercialization as well as building ties between sectors of the Massachusetts life sciences community.

The Helix Bioscience Institute (HBI) is a not-for-profit next generation innovation accelerator optimally leveraging the virtual with the brick and mortar. The institute will serve to enable researchers to conduct transformative directed discovery and translational research employing a vast array of tools and resources. The desired outcome is to drive innovation that directly bridges discovery to pre-clinical. Its mission is to drive multidisciplinary innovation at the convergence of discovery and pre-clinical through the synergistic application of biology, engineering, and computation toward bridging bench to bedside and addressing unmet healthcare need.