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Turing basic research into new medicine is hard, time consuming, and very very expensive. The Helix Bioscience Institute (HBI) aims to change that. At HBI our strategy is simple:
Awesome Scientists + Big Data + Lots of Computers + Labs = Finding the Cure...Faster

HBI will be a novel not-for-profit translational science engine, focused on better bridging the gap between research bench and patient bedside through leveraging
  • Advanced big data set mining
  • Computer assisted data analysis and modeling
  • Real-time laboratory outsourcing
  • Multidisciplinary team of researchers
Together we will bring about a paradigm shift in translational science leading to an acceleration of therapeutics development…but we can’t do it alone.  

Please help us reach out first millstone toward launching the Helix Bioscience Institute by giving generously today. Together, we can make 2013 truly revolutionary, we can make a profound difference, we can bridge bench to bedside. Learn how you can help and become part of the HBI family of supporters below:

In and around the Boston area a wealth of events, organizations, meetings, and conferences that seek to support science, innovation, entrepreneurship, and networking. The calendar below is a highlight of the exciting happenings taking place right in our own back yard. We invite to explore these listings, learn about new organizations, make connections, grow your network and play an active role in the dynamic community that is Boston and our surrounding cities and towns.

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