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Feedback from our community is critical toward helping us grow and improve your SHOW experience as well as develop novel programing. Below are a series of areas where you can play an active role in supporting our efforts at SHOW:
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
    • Help support SHOW events by becoming a program sponsor, submit a sponsorship request application and a representative will follow up with your directly to discuss the various and customized opportunities we have to support SHOW.
  • Presentation Opportunities
    • Are you a world class researcher seeking to share your research with a multidisciplinary and diverse audience? Submit your presentation proposal to us for consideration as we are actively recruiting for next year's season of SHOW.
  • Events Cross-Promotional Opportunities
    • Do you have a complimentary organization or events series that would like to be highlighted in our SHOW Calender? Submit a cross-promotional application as we strive create awareness about all things science, innovation, entrepreneurship, and networking right in our own backyard.
  • Events Volunteering Opportunities
    • Would you like to be part of the SHOW team? Submit a volunteer application and tell us why you would like to join the SHOW team.
  • Events Webinar Hosting Opportunities
    • We want SHOW to go global! are you at an institution, university, or company that would like to host a satellite SHOW event? Submit a webinar hosting application and a representative will follow up directly with details as to how you could a virtual SHOW.
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Thank you for your interest in Science Shaping Our World - SHOW. Please visit us often as we will be expanding the website shortly so as to best bring you all things life science including news, programing, educational materials among others. Do you have a life science based programing idea you would like to share with the SHOW community? Do you have exciting data you would like feedback on? Please feel free to reach out and share your ideas with us - we will have a general call for you programing submissions shortly.

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