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About Science Shaping Our World-SHOW:

Science Shaping Our World-SHOWTM is an ongoing seminar and networking series that highlights cutting edge translational life science research and development.

SHOW's mission is to provide a stage for researchers that are at the cutting edge of life science innovation and translation whereby they can share their work and discuss its future application potential in a non-conventional setting.

Further, through SHOW we seek to draw together a multidisciplinary audience spanning multiple sectors from both academia and industry where they can gain exposure and insight into the life science advancements poised to change our world.

was created and launched by Munevar & Associates, Inc. in 2009. The current third full season of SHOW spans topics from humanized mouse models, gene therapy, bioengineering, and intelligent drug design (among others).
A Message From The Director:

SHOW's Director is      Dr. Lu-Ann Pozzi an immunologist/virologist with an extensive career spanning academia and industry in the space of infectious disease and vaccine development. Dr. Pozzi has further contributed extensively in a range of start-ups as well as larger life science companies. Do you have questions for the Director? Reach out at:

E-mail Address:
lampozzi (at) scienceshapingourworld (dot) com

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SHOW Volunteers:

At the heart of our SHOW events are the dedicated volunteers that help make them a success. Our volunteers are drawn from academia and industry and highlight the multidisciplinary and collaborative spirit that has come to embody SHOW.  We invite you to take a moment and meet our volunteers below and learn more about the team that makes SHOW go! Also, if you are interested in being part of the SHOW volunteer team,
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