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Invited Speaker

Akihiko SHIRAI was born in Yokohama, Japan, on March 13, 1973. He received his Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Engineering in photo engineering and image processing from Tokyo Polytechnic Institute in 1992-1998, and Ph.D. degrees in engineering from the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech/TITECH) in 2001-2003, respectively.

He joined to wide area of media industry like camera, printer, video game, virtual reality, broadcasting, theme park and museum also contributed in academic in artificial intelligence, robotics and design evaluation for entertainment systems. 
He is a committee of Intercollegiate Virtual Reality contest (IVRC) and chair of Laval Virtual ReVolution.

2001-2004 Virtual Reality Entertainment Systems for infancy. (Ph.D in Engineering), Tokyo Tech.
2003-2004 Post-Doc in NHK ES.
2005-2007 Move to France, ENSAM Presence & Innovation Lab. Prototype of VR Theme park project.
2008-2009 Science Communicator in National Science Museum
2010 Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Associate Professor in Department of Information Media.

Research and innovations of Virtual Reality for Entertainment systems between Japan and France
This talk contributes to the shared value of researches and innovations of entertainment systems, which affects human amusement. 
The speaker, Akihiko SHIRAI, Ph.D has over 20 years of experience in research and development of entertainment systems. He has experiences in researches and developments of photograph, photo engineering, game making, game design, entrepreneurship, factory manufacturing process, real-time graphics engineering, hepatics application, television organization, virtual reality industry, event promotion, science communication in national museum, multiplex hidden imagery, manga for VR, and augmented reality for public. The talk also contains discussions about future values and his challenge in Hello Tomorrow, IVRC, ReVolution in Laval Virtual.