Do Spiders Have Blood?

When you step on a spider you see no red blood. Why? Because spider blood is colorless.

A Bird That Fishes With Bait

The green heron uses insects as bait to catch fish. The heron drops its bait into the water, then waits for a fish to spot it. The fish thinks it has found a juicy snack but ends up as the heron's snack instead.


How Do Giraffes Clean Their Ears?

Giraffes clean the insides of their ears with their tongues.



Crabs With Bodyguards

Crabs With Bodyguards

Some crabs have their own personal bodyguards. The crabs carry a sea anemone in each claw and use the anemones' tentacles to sting enemies that get too close.

More Interesting Science Facts

Why Does a Cucumber Feel So Cool?

The inside of a cucumber is 11 degrees Celsius (20 degrees Fahrenheit) cooler than the outside. That's why we have the expression "As cool as a cucumber."

Run If You See A Hippo Yarn

When a hippopotamus yawns in your face, run! Among hippos, yawning is a sign of aggression.

Talk About an Anger Problem

Native honeybees of North America get angry about 19 seconds after being disturbed. Killer bees from South America go ballistic in about 3 seconds.

Killer Snakes

A geologist working in Panama was sleeping in a tent one night when a deadly bushmaster snake their venom can kill a human within seconds of biting them.  It slithered into his sleeping bag and coiled up on his stomach. Frozen with terror, the geologist didn't move until the next afternoon, when the sleeping bag got so hot that the snake moved out. The geologist quit his job shortly thereafter.




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