Rocket Science

1.  The genome is the code recorded in your DNA, present in every cell of your body.

2.  Though conservation of mass would seem to argue that the mass produced is 8 pounds, you have to remember that oxygen is reaction with the gasoline (you can't see it so you tend to forget about it).  Burning a gallon of gas produces about 24 pounds of CO2 because most of the mass of gasoline is carbon.  Each carbon combines with 2 oxygens, which weigh about the same as a carbon atom.  So anytime you completely burn carbon, you end up (very roughly)  three times the weight in carbon dioxide.

3. Up - yes?  Interestingly, this is the graph of global temperatures over the last 150 years.  The range of temperature on the vertical axis is a bit more than 2 degree Fahrenheit.  Skeptics arugue that the temperatures are not increasing, certainly not since 1940 (about the middle of the graph).  What do you think?

4.  Surprisingly - more.  Coal contains radioactive impurities, which are left behind in the slag, which is often just dumped onto the ground.  Radiation exposure is more than three times higher for those who live within 50 miles of coal plants than those living within 50 miles of nuclear plants.