SmartBoard Notebook Software

Preparing a Lesson for the Smartboard

The Smartboard's software, Notebook, allows you to create presentations

Notebook Views

Notebook software offers four views

  1. Whiteboard is the default view when you open Notebook. It is also where you can create and edit objects on a page, as well as create and sort pages.
  2. Page Sorter view visually displays all pages as if you had them spread out on a table. This is where you can rearrange pages.
  3. Full Screen is exactly as its name implies. This is the view you want to use when delivering a presentation.
  4. Attachments view allows you to attach files and links to web pages.

In the Whiteboard, Page Sorter and Full Screen views, notice the toolbar. This toolbar allows you to perform tasks such as object creation, selection, navigation, and editing functions.

Creating Objects

In Notebook, you can type or hand-write information, draw objects, create shapes and insert clipart and screen captures from third-party software.

Typing Text

Just begin typing. A text box will appear, which will automatically wrap to the next line when you reach the edge. You might try using the on-screen keyboard so that you do not have to move away from the screen. On the Smartboard screen itself, look for the keyboard button to the right of the pen tray. Pressing it once will bring up the on-screen keyboard.

Drawing Objects
  1. Press the Pen button in the toolbar.
  2. Then draw on the screen with either your finger or the mouse.
  3. To change the ink color select Current Color from the Format menu, and then press a color square in the palette.
  4. To change the line width, select Line Width from the Format menu, and select your desired line width.
  5. You can of course, also draw objects by using the pens in the pen tray.
Highlighting Objects
  1. Select Highlighter from the Draw menu.
  2. Then draw on the screen with either your finger or the mouse.
  3. You can modify the highlighter color and line width via the Format menu.
Creating Shapes
  1. Select a shape from the Draw menu.
  2. Drag your finger on the screen or use the mouse to generate the shape.
  3. You can modify the color and width of the shape's lines via the Format menu.

Inserting Images

Select Clip Art from the Insert menu. Then locate the image you wish to insert from the computer.

Presentation Tools

  • Spotlight

    This feature allows you to focus your audience's attention on a specific area of the screen, by blacking out the rest of the Smartboard that you do not want visible.

    1. Click or press the Spotlight button in the floating tools palette. Click and drag the spotlight to move it about the screen.
    2. You can modify the spotlight's attributes, such as shape, size and transparency via the menu button.
    3. When you have finished with the spotlight, press menu and select Exit.
    4. You can use the Spotlight with just about any Microsoft Office program.

        1. Screen Shade

          There are times when you deliver a presentation that you might not want your audience to see everything on the screen at once. The Screen Shade feature allows you to obscure each page of the presentation with an opaque cover.

          1. Click or press the menu button and select Screen Shade.
          2. To display your page, pull the shade down.
          3. Note: This feature is available only in Notebook.

        2. To import PowerPoint files

          1. In the SMART Notebook window, select File > Import.

          The Open dialog box appears.

          1. Browse to and select the PowerPoint file you want to import.

          2. Press Open.

          The PowerPoint file opens in the .notebook file.