Math Resources - National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - Interactive Math Sites (k-8) - Mathematics Resources, Tools and Manipulatives Online

MathCats - Creative open-ended math explorations

Math Lessons - K-12 - an wonderful collection of Math lessons using the Web.

Abacus : The Art of Calculating with Beads
This site contains a Java-abacus, the history of the abacus, and instructions for use.

AskERIC Lesson Plans : Mathematics
This is a great searchable index of Math Lesson Plans, K-12.

Cornell Theory Center Math and Science Gateway
Some super links to resources in mathematics for educators and students.

Dave's Math Tables
This site contains pages full of algebraic functions, geometry, calculus, and general math equations and formulas.

Eric's Treasure Trove of Mathematics
This site is a comprehensive online encyclopedia of mathematics equations, terms, and derivations.

You will find graphics and animations to download related to calculus problems. Animations and graphics are usually accompanied by interesting problems for presentation to students, such as finding the volume of water in a tipped glass.

History of Mathematics Archive
This is a searchable directory containing the biographies of over 1000 mathematicians. It is searchable by name, historical period, and country of origin.

McREL : Mathematics Resources and Standards
A listing of links with educational standards in math.

Math Forum
Formerly known as the Geometry Forum, this updated and expanded Web site provides valuable mathematical information for you and your students. The Student Center offers aids for the confused, while the Teacher's Place contains classroom plans. - Mathematics Content Standards --Resources on the Web

More Mathematics Resources