From: Carol LaRow  (A fabulous educator from Albany)

An invitation!
Please pass this on to any educator, librarian, administrator, etc. you
think may be interested. Or, you may have a project yourself.
We'd love to have more schools joining.

This project is online and has had over 22,480 visitors. It's a great way to
publish some of the great work your staff and your
students are doing with Google tools.

We have several GCT's on the site, and we have participants from around the
World.  Thanks to those of you on this list who have submitted projects.
Please check out the site to see all the visitors we have had. There's a
spinning globe on the homepage with red placemarkers for each visitor.
You will see the visitors are from around the World!

*Only requirements:*

1) Use some Google tools
2) Have a history theme

If we don't have a topic that "fits" your choice, we will add one.  One of
the most popular is "history of your community."
We have several schools that have done this project, and they are getting
recognition from their communities. The museums,
churches, state buildings, etc the students are researching and writing
about are thrilled. The students are getting invited to
hold end-of-year picnics at the sites.

One school in Madison, CT was chosen the the CT State Tech Expo to show
their project. They were invited to meet their state senator.
Their project was famous battles of the Civil War.

We have schools from around the World participating and several schools
throughout the U.S. We are still adding projects.
You will find ones you can replicate, complete with procedures, rubrics,
learning standards, graphic organizers.

If you have a topic we haven't listed, just let me know. I will add it.
If you are working on something and won't be done for a while, let me know,
and I'll add it under, "COMING SOON."

1)   Homepage for "Google Historical Voyages and

2)  Form To Join the Project  (located on homepage of

*Some topics are:*

Famous Explorers and
Historical Events <>
History of Your
Historical Literature <>
Ancestors' Journeys <>
Catastrophic Events<>
Heroes and Courageous People<>
History Museums & Educational
Cultures Around The World<>

We also have a link for Resources for Projects

A Google Super Modeler submitted 3D models for a project I did on an
historical novel, *My Brother Sam is
I've been able to add 3D models that deal with the American Revolution.
I have an entire lesson posted, which has been downloaded by 9,300 people.
It's complete with Google Earth KMZ, culminating activities and projects,
discussion questions, podcast, sample peer editing Form.

Feel free to download and use the lesson; share it with your teachers. The
KMZ can be downloaded from the link above.

I will also do a project on *The Midnight Ride Of Paul Revere.* The KMZ will
include 3D models of Old North Church, buildings in Lexington and Concord,
Old North Bridge. When it's done, feel free to use it. We are collaborating
with the National Park Service, Old North Church organizations, and other
historical societies in MA.