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Google Forms Tutorial

Google recently released a revolutionary gem into its increasingly robust Google Docs platform.  Meet Google Forms: a flexible form and survey development interface with built-in reporting.   Google Forms is the start of an incredibly versatile data collection framework.  Survey data is far from being difficult, nor costly, to store. How to create your first Google Form:

1.  Navigate your browser to and log-in 2.  Go to the menu labeled “New” at the left and select “Form”

Select "Form"

Select "Form"

2.  A new Google Form has been created.  Click to edit the title and description, then click “Add question”

Add question and select "Choose from a List"

Add question and select

3.  Edit the question text and list the possible responses.

Fill out first question and hit "Done"

4.  Click “Save,” then click the link at the bottom of the page to view your published form.

Click survey link at bottom of page.

See how your form looks to the public

See how your form looks to the public

5.  After people have filled out your form, you can view analytics for your form data by clicking “Show Analysis” in the edit form view.

View Form Analytics

Click on "Show Analysis"

View analytics of your form

View analytics of your form

6.  All of your form responses are stored in a Google Spreadsheet, which can be easily exported to .XLS/.CSV for making custom graphics in Excel.

Google forms is still a little buggy, and therefore should not be relied upon for any misssion-critical projects.  That being said, most people will undoubtedly be able to get a lot of use out of Google Forms in its current state, and I look forward to seeing it improve as Google further refines this up-and-coming product.