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The Power Point lectures available through these web pages are actual lectures used in 100-level college biology courses. The list of Microbiology PPT lectures is near the bottom of this page. Please check back regularly, as these lectures are usually updated every 8 to 16 weeks.


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What You Will Find Here

Fill-in-the-blank and Notes Format


The information on the Power Point slides in each lecture contains blanks that the students fill in. If find that having blanks encourages the student to follow along (rather than drift off) and encourages attendance.

Instructors can find the answers to the blanks on the notes view of each Power Point slide. 


Microbiology Lecture Power Points

There is also a collection of Microbiology Lab PowerPoints available, that are used in the laboratory portion of the Introductory Microbiology Course that I teach.

Lecture 1: Introduction to Microbiology

Lecture 2: History of Microbiology

Lecture 3: Prokaryote Cell Structure and Function

Lecture 4: Meet the Microbes: Prokaryotes

Lecture 5: Meet the Microbes: Eukaryotes

Lecture 6: Meet the Microbes: Viruses

Lecture 7: Microbial Metabolism

Lecture 8:  Microbial Growth

Lecture 9: Microbial Genetics

Lecture 10: Human Immune System: Nonspecific - Innate

Lecture 11: Human Immune System: Specific - Acquired

Additional Reference PPT: List of Microbes Covered in This Course

This PowerPoint lists all of the microbes that we will be discussing in Applied Microbiology. The list includes eukaryotic, prokaryotic and acellular microbes with properly formatted scientific names and reference to the lectures in which we discussed each microbe.


Additional Microbiology Lecture Power Points

The following are microbiology PowerPoints not currently used for HCR120.

coming soon!

Human Infectious Disease - Cellular

Human Infectious Disease - Acellular



Virtual Microbiology Classroom

Click here to explore all of the course materials associated with the Virtual Microbiology Classroom. In addition to the lecture Power Points available below, VMC resources include study guides, review questions, practice tests, articles and instructive animations.



Other Microbiology Resources

Need More Microbiology Information?

Although I've tried to provide links that take site visitors to additional articles related to each microbiology lecture topic, there are many not yet linked. If you need more micro information, see the Microbiology main page at Suite101. Click the link above and then do a search of your specific interest.


Using a Compound Light Microscope: Magnification, Lenses, Focusing & Finding Objects

Learn about the features of a compound light microscope, importance of contrast, how to determine total magnification and how to easily find and focus on specimens.


Microbe Wiki

MicrobeWiki is a free wiki resource on microbes and microbiology, edited by students and monitored by microbiologists at Kenyon College.


Adopt a Microbe

Adorable blog of microbes and their little cartoon avatars authored by Emma Lurie and presented in a very user-friendly format.


I Love Bacteria

Fun science website aimed at young people interested in science. Read science articles, try DIY science experiments, and find out strange science facts.




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Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

This is a collection of lectures that I have given repeatedly, always tweaking and changing as I try to improve them. The materials in the lectures have been gathered from a multitude of places. Textbooks, my head, the Power Point lectures of other instructors.

Some of the lectures include credits for all images and material. But as this is a time-intensive process, I have not completed this task for all lectures.

If you run across an image or material that you are the author of, please contact me at tamiport@yahoo.com. I will either give you proper credit for your work, r remove the material from this website, whichever you'd prefer.



Although I have spent a great deal of time creating these lectures, no doubt there is an error or two (or possibly more). If you find a mistake, please drop me an email (tamiport@yahoo.com) so that I can make a correction.

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Virtual Cell Biology Classroom

Information used in an actual college-level cell biology classroom. FREE lectures, study guides, review questions & tests.




Virtual Microbiology Classroom

Information that is used in an actual college-level microbiology classroom. FREE lectures, stud guides, review questions & tests.


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