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Monday, August 29th
  • Making a Topographic Map
    • We discuss what we can and cannot see on a topographic map, then create our own topographic map and answer questions in the science notebook.
    • Student who are absent can schedule lab time before or after school OR complete print and complete the Labsent assignment found here.
  • HOMEWORK--Worksheet Boomtown Street map 100 years ago Vs Today
Tuesday, August 30th
Wednesday, August 31st
Thursday, September 1st
Monday, August 22nd

  • Reading Case Study: The Aswan Dam in Egypt
    • Create a T chart in your lab notebook on the advantages and disadvantages of building the dam on the Nile River.
    • Answer the 8 analysis questions (at the end of the reading) in the lab notebook.
Tuesday, August 23rd
  • Essay: Should the Aswan Dam have been built (complete 1. Google Classroom)
  • Pretest: Earth's Surface (Test is 2. in Google Classroom--Complete bubble sheet from teacher)
  • Dream home (complete 3. in Google Classroom)
  • HOMEWORK: Parent Survey due Friday
    • Sign up for Mrs. Malloy's Remind: 
      • from your smartphone, go to rmd.at/1dms204
        • or text the message @1dms204 to the number 81010
        • or text the message @1dms204 to the number (424)835-7992
    Wednesday, August 24th
    • Where Shall We Build? pages C-4 - C-7
      • Copy table and complete in lab notebook
      • Answer Analysis Questions in lab notebook
    • HOMEWORK: pick one one of your questions about the world's water supply to research on the internet. 
      • Write the question
      • Write the answer
      • Post a link(s) where you found the answer 4. Google Classroom

    Thursday, August 25th
    • Does your water source make a difference? What problems might there be with your water source? 
      • Make a T chart of possible problems with well water (if you build on the hillside) from this video on one side. 
      • On the other side write about city, river water (if you build on the cliff side or marsh) from this video.
      • Under your chart answer the question: Does the water source have any influence over the site you plan to build on? Why or why not?

    Friday, August 26th
    • How do scientists use Landsat images to study Earth and it's changes?
      • Log in to the FUSION online text portal and sign in with your school email and Google Password.
      • Go to "Things to do" and watch the assignment "Observing Earth from Space" while completing this worksheet
    Monday, August 15th
    • "My shirt" getting to know you activity--Design a T Shirt to tell us about you
    • People Bingo--find someone who can answer each question; keep going until you get bingo
    • Shapes Personality Assessment--Rank the 10 items and find a total for each shape
    Tuesday, August 16th
    • Save Fred!
    • Setting up the notebook
    • Homework--number the pages of your notebook
    Wednesday, August 17th
    • Needs Assessment -- Students will discuss their 2 highest scores on a 'needs of learners' assessment (they took the assessment on Monday)
    • Homework-- Syllabus: students read the science syllabus and answer question about the rules, procedures, and curriculum of Mrs. Malloy's science class
    Thursday, August 18th
    • Setting up a Lab Page in the lab notebook
      • Students will do either a "Hypothesis" OR "Air and Water" lab
    Friday, August 19th
    • 8th Grade Comprehensive Pretest (must complete at school)