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I'm working on cataloging my book collection in class.  Quotes from Amazon.
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Masson, Jeffrey Moussaieff Altruistic Armadillos, Zenlike Zebras: A Menagerie of 100 Favorite Animals An entertaining and enlightening look at the secret lives of 100 animals. 
Koeppel, Dan Banana: The Fate of the Fruit that Changed the World Yes, a book about bananas! 
Dawkins, Richard Blind Watchmaker, The "Why the Evidence of Evolution Reveals a Universe without Design" 
Reisner, Marc  Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing Water Honestly, a sobering look at our dependence on cars and the disappearing water. More interesting because we ARE in the west and this directly affects us. 
Dawkins, Richard Extended Phenotype, The This book really expanded what was started with The Selfish Gene. For me it was more readable (possibly because it was written 30 yrs later) and also more technical. 
Levin, Donald A. Origin, Expansion, and Demise of Plant Species, The "This book provides a thoughtful and original reassessment of our understanding of plant speciation and extinction, by one of the leading workers on plant evolution. It is suitable for use in seminars mostly in departments of botany or plant sciences, and should also be read by workers interested in speciation mechanisms and ecological succession at the community and landscape levels." 
Darwin, Charles Origin of Species, The A biology classic! "This is the book that revolutionized the natural sciences and every literary, philosophical and religious thinker who followed. Darwin's theory of evolution and the descent of man remains as controversial and influential today as when it was published over a century ago." 
Dawkins, Richard Selfish Gene, The The classic popular science writing about genetics. 
McNeill, J.R. Something New Under the Sun: An Environmental History of the Twentieth-Century World  The title really says it all, the last 100 years seen through the changes we have wrought on the environment. 
Shubin, Neil Your Inner Fish A lighter look at why your body works how it does - as explained through the evolutionary history. 
Showing 10 items