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You will find information on these pages which will help you in your Physics or Physical Science class at Houghton High School.  Some of the information is simply upcoming class events and links to important class handouts.  In other cases, I will provide links to extra material that will reinforce concepts we are covering in class.  My goal is to help guide you, and to provide numerous opportunities for you dig deeper into the scientific concepts that govern the world around us.  Remember, as with any subject, you will only get out as much as you put in.  I will do my best to keep this site up to date, but know that there will be times I am a bit behind.  Please let me know if there is anything else I can add to this site to make it more 
helpful.  The link to your individual class is on the sidebar on the left.

Before you click to another page, consider this:  Did you ever wonder why certain science classes make you confused.?  Are the teachers just cruel people who enjoy seeing students struggle?  Or who enjoy torturing students by making them think so hard their brains hurt?  An article titled "Sometimes Confusion is a Good Thing" does an excellent job of explaining the theory behind your teacher's motives.  

Thank you,

T. Schwaller
Physics and Physical Science Teacher

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Links to interesting education articles:

Links to useful and/or very cool sites:

The Physics Classroom - This is an amazing site, full of useful information, tutorials, and practice questions.  THIS is the place to go when you need extra help outside of school, or if you miss class and want to keep up with class.  Physics students take note - this site is referred to on your syllabus.  This is also the site that is hosting the Minds On Physics (MOPs).

Fear of Physics - Another great site, this one has "Visual Physics", "Bad Science", and a particularly good "Homework Help", that will provide practice problems, AND THE ANSWERS, for Physics students, as well as a few problems for some basic P. Science concepts.

How Stuff - Yet another great site, less specific to Physics and Physical Science, but a great site for minds that want to know.

PhET Simulations - Courtesy of The University of Colorado at Boulder, there are loads of free simulations to help with specific science concepts.  Most are great, and help reinforce classroom topics.

Veritasium -  Science demos, experiments, expert interviews, and more. . . this site is GREAT.  I will reference his videos frequently, but there are so many more to check out.