Diseases and Disorders

    Acne is the most common skin disease among humans. It is caused when male hormones make the sebaceous glands produce increased amounts of sebum. Sebum waterproofs the skin and hair and gets into the hair follicles. Combined with dead skin and sticky skins cells it forms a hard plug or cover that stops the hair follicle from growing.
Bacteria that lives on top of your skin then invades clogged follicle and causes the follicle to weaken and burst open. When it bursts open the follicle releases sebum, bacteria, skin cells, and white blood cells into all the surrounding tissues causing a pimple to develop.

Athletes Foot
    Athletes foot (also known as tinea pedis) is a fairly common fungus         infection. The infection causes the skin between your toes to become itchy and sore, and makes the skin crack and peel away. Its name comes from the fact that the fungi usually grows in damp and warm areas like locker rooms, swimming pools, and showers, which are known to be used by athletes. In these areas people usually walk barefoot, so the fungi spreads faster.

    Warts are small roundish tumors on top of the skin. There are many variations of warts like the flat wart or the common wart. Warts are created by the humanpapilloma virus (HPV) and can be contagious if the wart contacts another person. HPV causes keratin which is a hard protein in the epidermis, to grow faster then normal, creating a wart. These mini tumors are usually found on the hands or feet and can be quite painful. Usually the wart disappears by itself but if not it needs treatment.
Pool area where fungi usually grows 
and where you mostly will pick up athletes foot
    Dermatitis is a non contagious skin disorder. It causes inflammation of the skin, redness,
swelling, itchy, rashes, and other effects. Dermatitis can be caused by allergies, genetics irritants, or stress. Dermatitis is fairly common and has different types, like eczema. Although it usually doesn't harm anyone, the disorder can get very irritable and uncomfortable.


                                                                Fur is a common allergy
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