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Transformation of Substances

Transformation of substance is generally denoted by  chemical reaction. This is denoted by a chemical equation.

There are different types of reaction.

1. Change in state of substance
2. Synthesis/Combination/Addition
3. Decomposition
4. Displacement
5. Double displacement/ Double decomposition

These reactions can further be stated as 
either OXIDATION or REDUCTION reaction or it could also be a combination of this two reaction RED-OX reaction.

There are some reactions where transformation of energy takes place.The reaction where energy or heat is absorbed is termed as ENDOTHERMIC REACTION, while the one where its liberated is called as EXOTHERMIC REACTION.

Some reactions are possible only in presence of a catalyst, while the others may not require catalyst

In a Chemical equation no of atoms of reactants and products should be should be a balanced, these type of equation is referred as a balanced chemical reaction.

Herewith attached is a power point  which will help you to learn the skill of balancing a chemical reaction.