IB Biology Course Descriptions

Mrs. Victoria Steele

IB Biology II and III Course Description

Rutherford High School

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IB Biology II & III Course Information Sheet

Rm 7-41                      2013-2014

Instructor: Victoria Steele

Email: steelve@bay.k12.fl.us

Web: http://sites.google.com/sciencegaga ; Edmodo pages launching soon! J

Text: Higher Level Biology; Damon et al.

Attendance: Students must attend class regularly to perform at their best. The school’s attendance policy will be enforced.

Tardies: Be on time and all will go well. School policy will dictate punitive action.

Cell Phones: While you are allowed to have your cell phones on school grounds, please ask to have them out before doing so. We have a variety of activities this year in which you will have the opportunity to use your cell phone. Don’t let it get you in trouble.  Trust me. You don’t like to hear cell phones going off during movies you paid for, and we don’t like them going off during the biology feature presentation either. J

Assignments: Regular assignments will be handed out to you or assigned from your text. Please take care to complete assignments quickly and when they are do. I will only accept assignments, such as your homework, during the progress report window in which they were assigned. This includes late work. Remember- if you forget about an assignment, any points earned on it are better than a zero. Don’t let your late work turn into zeros which count against you.

Make-up Work: It will be considered the student’s responsibility to find out what the makeup work is and turn it in. I cannot keep up with this as I have dozens of students and you only have yourself! If an extended absence is expected, please take care to communicate with me so that you will not fall far behind while you are gone. I can be reached via phone, email, or text.

Grading Scale: 100-90=A, 89-80=B, 79-70=C, 69-60=D, 59-0=F

Grading Policy: Your grade in this course will be calculated as follows:

                                                Homework: 10%

                                                Quizzes: 15%

                                                Exams: 50%

                                                Labs/Projects: 25%

Exam Policies: It will be routine to have approximately 2 to 4 exams per 9 weeks grading period which will be given on Tuesdays. These exams will test mainly that material covered within that content unit; but it is recommended that students be aware that biology, much like other sciences, tends to build on itself and it is important that you be able to apply concepts that were covered in previous units. Since you are preparing for cumulative exit exams (the IB exams), this will help you be better prepared to take a challenging exam and not place all the pressure on you at the end of the 2-year term. Mock IB exams will also be administered to better prepare you for the end of the 2-year program.

Extra Credit: Please check the class Google site for extra credit opportunities. I try to offer a couple of different options for earning extra credit. Points earned are applied at the 9-weeks or semester depending on the assignment.

Lab Reports: A written lab report will be expected for most lab investigations unless otherwise instructed. These lab reports will be written in the IB Internal Assessment format and will be graded using the IA rubric criterion. It is encouraged for students to use their computer for lab reports. There are many advantages to using a computer that I am sure you already know, the biggest one being that you will always have it saved if your hard copy is lost or damaged. I welcome submission of your lab reports via online “cloud” data-sharing sites and services, such as Google Docs or Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. More discussion of using these services will be provided.

Internal Assessment:  Internal Assessment in Biology consists of your lab reports and your Group 4 project. If you fail to complete the assigned lab reports and submit them to your portfolio then you cannot complete the IB program. Some form of internal assessment is required by all of your IB subjects and is required to complete the program and receive your high school diploma. If you are not completing your lab portfolio as required you will need to see Mrs. Brown about exiting the program and completing a high school diploma outside of IB. These portfolios are sent off to IB moderators for your internal assessment component of your overall IB biology grade. This counts 24% of your IB Biology mark with the remaining 76% accounted for by your IB Biology exam grades. Internal Assessment can make a significant difference in your chances of getting the IB diploma! Your lab portfolio will be stored here. You will not take it home, as this is not necessary. You will be given an IA rubric so that you can see how they are to be written and how they will be assessed.

Always know that your grade on your report care and your IB grade are two separate entities and success on one does not always presume success on the other. One thing is the same of both and that is that they are both very important to you and to me…

I wish you good luck!