Science Experiments for Kids 

A collection of simple science experiments suitable for kids 

Back in the days of school, I was a science nerd. There was no other way to describe it. Interestingly though, I took copious amounts of notes about my various in-class and out-of-class experiments.  To be honest, most of them failed. But the occasional one succeeded.

I was cleaning out my closet the other day when I found all my old notebooks, being held together by some unknown substance set hard. It got me thinking about how much easier life would be if there was an easy collection of simple science experiments for kids out on the internet. So I had a look and found incomplete, occasionally dangerous and mostly misleading experiments. Then I came across these two books which are absolutely brilliant for teaching kids (and the young at heart) about science.

The first is an excellent resource for planning science fair projects. It lays out all the groundwork for you, just leaving you to perform the experiment and filling in the blanks. This lets you easily get that big assignment done and be sure that your going to get good marks for it. You can get the book here.

The second book is more general in nature, getting down to the science projects themselves and leaving the high level scientific analysis behind. It contains an absolute treasure trove of awesome experiments, some of which I had never seen before. Its a great read, and a good way to get kids doing exciting science experiments for the fun of it. You can get the second book here.

I highly recommend these two books and suggest you check them out immediately. I showed them to some friends of mine with kids, and the next thing I knew, their kids had won a science fair.